Music charts



When it comes to music charts, Billboard is a worldwide reference, even if the majority of the Billboard charts are US-based.

The Billboard charts are compiled by aggregating one or several of the following metrics:

  • Audience impressions of songs on radios. Audience impressions take into account the number of radio airplays and the size of the audience reached by each radio.
  • Streaming numbers of songs on online streaming services.
  • Digital sales of songs and physical sales of music projects.

The Billboard charts are released on a weekly basis. They are officially dated on Saturdays, even though their public release is always made a few days prior.

Here are the 2 global charts compiled by Billboard:


Thanks to its 100 million visitors per month, Genius is able to provide interesting insights on what songs, music projects and artists are trending. Their charts are updated in real time and can be found on their home page.

Chart data

Finally, if you are interested in numbers from different charts, the Twitter account of chart data is the place to go.

Worldwide and by country

Spotify Charts

Like many other streaming services, Spotify offers on its platform daily playlists of the most streamed songs worldwide and by country. However, they have a dedicated website called Spotify Charts. You can see there the daily and weekly charts, worldwide and by country. You can also download them in CSV.

YouTube Charts

Like Spotify, YouTube has a dedicated site for displaying the most viewed music videos by country or worldwide on a weekly basis:



  • The Hot 100 for the top 100 songs in the US.
  • The Billboard 200 for the top 100 music projects in the US.
  • The Artist 100 for he top 100 artists in the US.

The other Billboard charts, specific to music genres and formats (there are many of them) are available on the Billboard charts page. These charts are only accessible to pro subscribers.

Rolling Stones

The popular magazine Rolling Stones offers several generic charts for the US, with a different methodology then the one from Billboard. The main difference for the Rolling Stones is that the charts are updated daily. Here are 2 of the interesting charts:

3 other charts are available on the Rolling Stones charts page.


Japan is the second largest music market in the world, after the US.



The Official Charts are the equivalent of the Billboard charts for the UK. They update 2 charts on a weekly basis (every Friday):



Apart from the classic charts, the certifications provided by the professional recording associations of each country is a good indicator of the latest trends. Here are some of them: