Young Chang MC - Réflexion

Young Chang MC - Réflexion

Young Chang MC - Réflexion

Young Chang MC - Réflexion

General Information

Mixtape: Young Chang MC - Réflexion
Release date: 2007-00-00
Label(s): Genesiz

Track List

1) Crying

2) Attend
=>Music Producer(s): DJ Paul et Juicy J (Song: Three 6 Mafia : Doe Boy Fresh (ft. Chamillionaire))

3) Like a moda fuckin' pimp

4) Apa zot
=>Music Producer(s): Doug Rasheed (Song: Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise)

5) Sa i ka ban mwen'y

6) Continué
=>Music Producer(s): The Runners (Song: DJ Khaled - Born N Raised)

7) Accéléré

8) A l'écart

9) My girl
=>Music Producer(s): Olivier "Vega Blacklaion" Delcros

10) One life
=>Music Producer(s): Eminem, additional production by Jaff Bass (Song: Eminem - Lose Yourself)

11) Vyb kangourou

12) Au clair

13) Dédikas

14) Keep silence (ft. Wickid J et Blazy)

15) Cé sa ki bel
=>Music Producer(s): Milwaukee Black (Song: Da Backwudz - You Gonna Love Me)

16) Cintin cé taw

17) Incarné
=>Music Producer(s): Sully Sefil (Song: NTM - That's My People)

18) Who?

19) Ay bo'y

20) Bonjour chez vous (Fuck)
=>Music Producer(s): The Runners (Song: Rick Ross - Hustlin')

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